Real Estate Valuation Tool for Excel 2.0

Real Estate Valuation Tool for Excel 2.0: Evaluate real estate investments in Excel. Evaluate real estate investments in Excel. The Real Estate Valuation Tool for Excel allows real estate investors to evaluate the economic merits of one or more real estate investments by calculating and analyzing expected cash flows. The software can be used to evaluate a single real estate investment, but its real benefit is the ability to compare one property to another. Developed by CFA Charterholder.

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Amebius 1.0

evaluate the expression, copy the result and close the Evaluation window without moving your hands away from the keyboard. Evaluations have never been so fast before! The Evaluation window in Amebius can be transparent so that you can see documents behind it while typing the expression. Each evaluated expression is saved to the evaluation history that you can access by pressing just one hotkey. The evaluation history is retained between the sessions

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CalculatorX 1.2 .6688: CalculatorX - The Enhanced Expression Calculator
CalculatorX 1.2 .6688

CalculatorX is an enhanced expression calculator. It can evaluate an expression for one time. You can use Arithmetic, Logic, Bitwise and Relation operations in your expression. And many system constants and built-in functions can also be used in the expression. CalculatorX even supports the custom variables, custom functions and note-line. You can use Binary, Octal, Decimal and HEXadecimal numbers in one expression to evaluate as well.

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SLInvest 1.3: SLInvest is used to evaluate the financial profitability of investment projects
SLInvest 1.3

SLInvest is used to evaluate the financial profitability and efficiency of investment projects. In order to determine how profitable this investment is, the investor has to evaluate its profitability in comparison to other possible investment projects. SLInvest allows you to calculate main financial indicators of investment projects (NPV, NFV, IRR), which makes it possible to choose the most optimal and profitable investment.

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Franchise Opportunity Calculator 1.01: Evaluates the profit potential of franchise opportunities & estimates earnings.
Franchise Opportunity Calculator 1.01

The Franchise Opportunity Calculator software evaluates the profit potential of franchise opportunities and estimates earnings. You can now evaluate any franchise opportunity objectively.

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Sight Reading Studio musical software 1.0: Sight Reading Studio play a random musical phrase on a midi keyboard
Sight Reading Studio musical software 1.0

Site reading studio musical software is a special kind of program that will play a random musical phrase and ask you to play it back on a midi keyboard. It provides help you to learn to read music very quickly. It will tell you when you played to fast or to slow. It will evaluate your note and rhythmic accuracy and show you the results. You control every parameter of the lesson so you can make it work just for you.

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Dicom Unit Aware Calculator 4.0: An unit aware calculator enabling calculations, conversions and documentations
Dicom Unit Aware Calculator 4.0

evaluate expressions anywhere in a rich text formatted document. It has a built-in rich text editor. Process your words, numbers, and measurements at one place. Conventional software based calculator usually simulates the real calculators. Dicom has a calculator which is very different. It is rather an expression evaluator. And probably for the first time, you can evaluate dimensional expression. It has a unit converter too. That allows you to quickly

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